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Bakery Ovens and Tunnel Ovens in Hudson, Ohio

Bakeries in need of top quality, commercial bakery ovens find what they need with the excellent selection of tunnel ovens at Polar Global, LLC. We specialize in BABBCO tunnel ovens.

Top Quality Ovens

Equip your bakery with the high end bakery ovens from Polar Global, LLC. We are a bakery supplies company that offers a selection of BABBCO tunnel ovens to ensure your products are baked to perfection with speed and efficiency.

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International Leader

C.H. Babb has over the years evolved into an International leader in tunnel oven baking technology.  For nearly a century, they've been helping clients expand operations, minimize waste, and increase productivity and efficiency with the world's finest ovens.
All Shapes and Sizes

Under the BABBCO name there are eight primary types of tunnel ovens that combine multiple baking methods to deliver maximum product quality:

   •  Direct Fired 
   •  Indirect Fired 
   •  Air Impingement 
   •  Infrared
   •  Radiant Tube 
   •  Thermal Oil 
   •  Electric 
   •  Hybrid

Latest Heat Transfer Technology

Every BABBCO Oven is engineered with the latest state-of-the-art heat transfer technology and designed in collaboration with bakery clients and optimized to meet their very specific needs.

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